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How to Choose the Correct Golf Club Shaft Flex

The correct choice of your shaft flex can have a dramatic effect on your game. You will learn the different flex’s available, the swing characteristics which decide your flex, and why an incorrect flex can hurt your game.

Your choice of the shaft flex can have as big of an impact on your game as the other equipment decisionsthat you make. That $500 driver can be the perfect driver for you, but all your shots may end up in the rough because you chose the wrong shaft flex. That is because the shaft flex is based on your swing characteristics and not the equipment itself. Read on and we will determine the best flex for your game.

“Flex” is the amount of bend a shaft will experience from the force of the golf swing. Different types of swings will influence the bend: you may have a slow and smooth swing or a fast and jerky swing.

You will choose from the following:

X – Extra Stiff

S – Stiff

R – Regular

A – Senior

L – Ladies


Let’s assess the following swing traits:

Swing speed - Transition from top of swing back down - Tempo - Follow thru

The proper flex can play a vital role in the alignment of the club head at impact.


In general:

Driver yardage        250 yard carry     Stiff Flex

                                      230 yard carry     Regular

                                      200 yard carry     Senior

                                     <200 yard carry     Ladies


Only an extremely hard swing should consider an extra stiff flex.

The other characteristic to consider is the tempo and whether the swing is smooth or jerky.

Remember that there is no one factor that will determine your shaft flex.

Let’s now put it all together.

If you are a beginner or buying new equipment then start with the flex recommended for your driving distance. If you have a fast tempo and a jerky swing you may consider moving to a stiffer flex. If you carry the ball 250 but have a smooth swing then you might consider a regular flex.

If you already have your equipment then let’s analyze your tendencies:

                  You tend to drive the ball to the left. A stiffer flex should be considered (the more flexible shaft may be causing the club head to impact the ball in a closed position).

                  You tend to drive the ball to the right. A more flexible shaft should be considered (the stiffer flex may be causing the club head to impact the ball in an open position).

If you are not sure, then go with the more flexible shaft.

By following these guidelines you should be able to determine your correct shaft flex. If you have the opportunity, attend a demo day where you can try different clubs with different shafts. When you find a trajectory and ball flight that you are satisfied with, then that may be the flex for you. As you can see, your choice of shaft flex can be as important as the type of clubs and balls that you play with.









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