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SkyCaddie SGX 

The SKYCADDIE SGX. It's the most functional golf gps that are available for both the experienced golfer to the beginner. Make use of the basic capabilities on to the most advanced capabilities to obtain a level of golf course knowledge barely short of obtaining your own individual golf tour caddy. You will like usage of the most detailed course catalogue of ground-verified golf courses. That particular course catalogue is currently approaching 30,000. SkyGolf is the single manufacturer who walks every course where you tee it up.

Advanced features are where the SkyCaddie SGX undoubtedly excels. The majority of available courses consist of yardage to hazards, carries, lay ups, and Intelligreen. Interactive HoleVue with Zoom - This functionality will allow you to pick any position on the hole to find your exact yardage to that particular position and from there up to the golf hole.  Continue  Or see the new SkyCaddie SGX-W.


TaylorMade R11 Rescue

Hybrid Clubs

Do you have trouble hitting your low to mid irons consistently, whether from the fairway or out of the rough? Take in to consideration the information below before making your next purchase.

How do hybrids differ from the irons they replace? The hybrid golf club is a cross between a iron and a fairway wood. The weighting has been lowered and moved to the back with a larger sweet spot. This allows you to more easily to get the ball airborne while making solid contact. The sole of the hybrid club also makes it much more effective in going through rough and bad lies to rescue you from trouble. Low profile with larger sweet spot equals easy to hit.

How do I choose which # hybrid to choose? There's good news and not so good news. The manufacturers have made it easy by numbering the hybrid golf clubs with the iron number that they are replacing. But, as with most clubs there are variations between manufacturers in terms of degree of loft and length of club. This is not a major problem but something you need to keep in mind when comparing between brands.  Continue



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What year were golf's 4 majors first played?

The Masters               1934TaylorMade R11

US Open                      1895

British Open               1860

PGA Championship   1916










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